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A bit about me June 29, 2007

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For many years I was a stay at home mom, girl scout leader, school volunteer, substitute teacher.  All because I wanted to be available and close to these guys:


Now I work semi-part/full time (I get to set my own hours) and am available for these guys while still working on my art.

Neither kid considers themselves “creative” but I disagree…. they are very creative when they want to be… remember your teen years?   The above photos proove that.. she’s wanting her picture taken, but not by mom.. so she is silly.  He’s wanting his picture taken, but running at full speed… ha! I bought a faster camera! gotcha!

 I get such a joy out of seeing them watch me “work” at my art. 

The boy loves to help me dye fabric and takes a scientific approach to understanding the molecules and how they attack and attach themselves to the fiber and now just a bit more water or less time and heat will really alter the final product.  He also gets a kick out of seeing the sewing machine wiz through and alter the texture and form of fabric. 

The girl will go through my sewing books when I’m not around (she doesn’t want an audience..she’s shy like that) and will take it to her room only opening the door to ask for various supplies or requesting a trip to the local Walmart/Michael’s/fabric store for just the right color/thread/something or other.  I never know what she’s working on and I don’t get to see it until it’s finished.  Lately, she’s turning into a night owl and will either bring me the finished product at my bedside as I’m drifting off to sleep (and have no light in which to view it.. but at 15 she’s fine with me exclaiming how “cool” it is in the dark), or I will awake in the morning to see a new “creation” by my bedside.

I love my job.


What I’ve been working on … June 24, 2007

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Here’s a sneak peek of what I’ve been working on. 

This is something that started in my head while in North Carolina and stayed with me, as each evening I’d lay in bed and think the day over.. thoughts of my newest creation would run the “day to day” thoughts away and beg for attention.. beg to be brought out of my head and into reality.

While this image won’t give you one clue as to what I’m making, it will show you my love.. fabric, stitching, order.  I could tell you what I have in mind, but I’m slowly learning (and paying attention) to my muse..she likes to change plans along the way.  I could say it’s going to be “this” but by time I’m complete it will be “that” and I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

For now, I leave you with silk, thread, and purple love.


Apron Love June 23, 2007

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These 4 aprons are all created from either recycled fabrics or found fabrics thanks to various Thrift stores here in the Daytona Beach area.  This is my newest passion and one I hope will continue to be a joy and a visual pleasure to work with.  Creating these brings my “tree hugging” recycling self peace and at the same time pleasing my sense of contentedness in altering the color by dyeing and painting these 100% natural fabrics.

 this apron is created from vintage white damask table cloth.  hand dyed, stamped, and stitched.

 this apron is from a vintage indian print cloth.  It had been worn in some places by age and I cut out the best section and created this apron with a cotton lining.  The curved areas are entrances pockets!  The whole front panel is a pocket.

 this one was created out of left over scraps from various interior fabrics (not 100% natural content).

 this was created out of a vintage table cloth, it is reversible.  The back side was created out of recyled linen pants. Two pockets on front and one pocket on other side.


A few Saturday Morning thoughts

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Cheryl Prater looks on while Katie Kendricks shows us a new technique.I can’t believe I’ve been back from my weekend in North Carolina 5 days now, where I took a couple of classes from Katie Kendrick whom I’ve known online for close to 2 years!  It was a great opportunity to meet her and to learn her wonderful collage techniques.  I must admit that I was looking forward to taking her “faces” class, but found that I fell in love with the techniques she taught on building up texture on backgrounds instead.  I could make backgrounds all day long and be happy!  I did start to think “outside the box” a bit and did produce a couple of square faces.  See Random Notes for the photos.  While I’m not thrilled with what I created, I was very honored and surprised to see Jane Powell (owner of Random Arts) include me in her blog!  She’s such a fun spirit!

So, after being back home for 5 days and working every day and juggling a couple of teenagers and a pool that lost it’s chlorine level..which produced green yucky algae.. I finally have time to sit and get this blog going! Luckily the pool seems to be back to normal (I will find out in an hour or so when I test the levels again) and I learned about pumps, acid, chlorine, and shock, I finally have the time to sit and think about all that I’ve learned this past weekend.

 I came away from the trip with two goals/understandings about myself.  1) I realized that while I enjoy and appreciate (and can create) collage art, what I really love is my fabric art.  For years I’ve learned one art technique to only turn around and come back to my fabric.  Making the backgrounds in Katie’s classes seemed so similar to my fabric painting… I was in heaven!  and 2) if I’m not working with fabric on a daily basis: dyeing, cutting, sewing, beading, stamping, painting, or obtaining it I will journal about it (both visual and online)!  This is my new goal!  There, I’ve said it… I MUST do it now.  It’s in writing!  No excuses none! 


Making time for Art June 21, 2007

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Today was the last day of one of my part time jobs.  I have (had) 2.  Now I have one so that I can make time to work on my fiber art more.  I’m determined to either create art each day or work in my visual journal each day.  I arrived home from a weekend in NC, and have “yet” had time to properly unpack..yet, I have time to make a blog entry.  Priorities, ya know!

 the image today is from a doll I’ve listed on ebay for a customer.  I decided that since I was taking great pictures for others, I might as well, keep a copy for myself. ;o)


First Post

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The traditional “first Post”.  ha.