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Apron Love June 23, 2007

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These 4 aprons are all created from either recycled fabrics or found fabrics thanks to various Thrift stores here in the Daytona Beach area.  This is my newest passion and one I hope will continue to be a joy and a visual pleasure to work with.  Creating these brings my “tree hugging” recycling self peace and at the same time pleasing my sense of contentedness in altering the color by dyeing and painting these 100% natural fabrics.

 this apron is created from vintage white damask table cloth.  hand dyed, stamped, and stitched.

 this apron is from a vintage indian print cloth.  It had been worn in some places by age and I cut out the best section and created this apron with a cotton lining.  The curved areas are entrances pockets!  The whole front panel is a pocket.

 this one was created out of left over scraps from various interior fabrics (not 100% natural content).

 this was created out of a vintage table cloth, it is reversible.  The back side was created out of recyled linen pants. Two pockets on front and one pocket on other side.


3 Responses to “Apron Love”

  1. jane powell Says:

    Oh Michelle, I love the rusted rhubarb name, the sophistication of your site, your aprons and your creativity. Thank you so much for traveling so far from Florida to North Carolina to take Katie’s classes at Random Arts. It was a joy meeting both you and your mother and I will be following your blog and passing it on to others. What is it about aprons? It is so nostalgic, isn’t it?

  2. Are you posting these aprons on etsy? I think you should. I love the one with ruffles on the bottom but wouldn’t want to wear it to paint/cook. Maybe to work? Like a nice 50s housewife…..

  3. katie Says:

    these are soooo cool michelle! my favorite is the scrappy upholstery apron, but i love them all! i’ve added your site to my links and i agree with cheryl – i hope you’ve got them for sale on etsy!

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