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A few Saturday Morning thoughts June 23, 2007

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Cheryl Prater looks on while Katie Kendricks shows us a new technique.I can’t believe I’ve been back from my weekend in North Carolina 5 days now, where I took a couple of classes from Katie Kendrick whom I’ve known online for close to 2 years!  It was a great opportunity to meet her and to learn her wonderful collage techniques.  I must admit that I was looking forward to taking her “faces” class, but found that I fell in love with the techniques she taught on building up texture on backgrounds instead.  I could make backgrounds all day long and be happy!  I did start to think “outside the box” a bit and did produce a couple of square faces.  See Random Notes for the photos.  While I’m not thrilled with what I created, I was very honored and surprised to see Jane Powell (owner of Random Arts) include me in her blog!  She’s such a fun spirit!

So, after being back home for 5 days and working every day and juggling a couple of teenagers and a pool that lost it’s chlorine level..which produced green yucky algae.. I finally have time to sit and get this blog going! Luckily the pool seems to be back to normal (I will find out in an hour or so when I test the levels again) and I learned about pumps, acid, chlorine, and shock, I finally have the time to sit and think about all that I’ve learned this past weekend.

 I came away from the trip with two goals/understandings about myself.  1) I realized that while I enjoy and appreciate (and can create) collage art, what I really love is my fabric art.  For years I’ve learned one art technique to only turn around and come back to my fabric.  Making the backgrounds in Katie’s classes seemed so similar to my fabric painting… I was in heaven!  and 2) if I’m not working with fabric on a daily basis: dyeing, cutting, sewing, beading, stamping, painting, or obtaining it I will journal about it (both visual and online)!  This is my new goal!  There, I’ve said it… I MUST do it now.  It’s in writing!  No excuses none! 


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