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My Favorites on Flickr July 28, 2007

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see it larger here

(the pretty woman in the second row is Jane Wynn.. find her link here to the right in my links list)

(the wonderful mom and son is Denise Mihalik.. find her in my links as well)


Flickr hosts some of the most amazing photographers and artists.  I go to see beauty, get lost in amazement, find inspiration, think outside the box, and remind myself that I too am one of “them”.


 I’m off to North Carolina (Outerbanks – never been) for a week to meet up with my husband’s family.


My goal for the week is to photograph all the nieces and nephews and do as much hand sewing as I can!  I’m planning on bringing fabric, thread, floss, beads, buttons and see what evolves and what my muse wants to create while on vacation.


Thinking Outside (and Inside) the Box. July 23, 2007

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Between selling for others on ebay (my day job) and taking the kids to either the beach to learn to surf or to work at the grocery store (my second day job.. taxi mom), I’ve been working on this piece.  It started out wanting to be a house of sorts, but by time I was done (and my muse had voiced her thoughts) I had this box created.  I quite like the finished piece.  Though I must admit, I’m thinking of making a collaged insert (box) for it soon. 

As it is, it’s empty and hollow and still soft.. it can’t hold much more now than wishes and dreams.



What I’ve been working on… July 14, 2007

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I made some polymer buttons with images from my great-grandmother’s school teaching days.  I so love using her “stuff” in my artwork.

 I’m working on something new and this is a sample….an Amuse Bushe of sorts (yup, I watch Top Chef! hehehe)


Vintage Floral Apron – Grace July 9, 2007

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Here’s an apron I’ve been enjoying working with.  The main fabric is a vintage home decor fabric that I over dyed.  I also dyed the tie-strings (which started life as a vintage table cloth)with the same color dye.  The green velvet ribbon is one I picked up from either my grandmother’s fabric stash or purchased at the last Houston Quilt Festival!  (I can’t remember which).. the lace like trim is vintage and over dyed as well.. don’t remember where I got it either!

my appologies for the poor photo quality, the camera decided to change settings on me over the weekend (ok, so it’s the work camera).. I’ll get better shots soon, I was just too anxious to share!  ;o)  But the deep yellow like color you see is pretty much what the apron is.


So, I’ve been thinking.. I think I should start naming my Aprons.. bring them to life so to speak.. give them a voice.

 hum….. food for thought.


Denim Apron Love!-Sally July 5, 2007

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This was fun to make!  I had started out making a full front apron (half skirt along with bib), and half way through the process of creating ( I follow no directions.. I just create) I decided that I didn’t like the look of the bib part and cut it off and decided the full apron was going to become a half apron instead!  In this piece I used an old denim jumper dress, commercial fabric that I over-dyed, and vintage velvet trim.  When I created this piece I left some edges unfinished, such as the apron strings and part of the vintage trim.  My hope and goal for this piece is to become more aged and loved-in during the process of wearing and in the wash.  This little vintage gem has a great pocket on the left side!



the ever evolving muse July 2, 2007

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I really enjoy watching the process of when “I” want to create something (say an apron), and my muse has other ideas.  Take my latest:

  this started out as an apron (the purple), but soon evolved into a wall art piece.. then it told me it wants to be a journal piece.  It’s now all about me, my adventure in parenting.

Stay tuned.