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Denim Apron Love!-Sally July 5, 2007

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This was fun to make!  I had started out making a full front apron (half skirt along with bib), and half way through the process of creating ( I follow no directions.. I just create) I decided that I didn’t like the look of the bib part and cut it off and decided the full apron was going to become a half apron instead!  In this piece I used an old denim jumper dress, commercial fabric that I over-dyed, and vintage velvet trim.  When I created this piece I left some edges unfinished, such as the apron strings and part of the vintage trim.  My hope and goal for this piece is to become more aged and loved-in during the process of wearing and in the wash.  This little vintage gem has a great pocket on the left side!



9 Responses to “Denim Apron Love!-Sally”

  1. Couldn’t an exhibitionist just wear it as a skirt? Just joshin. It’s lover-ly. cheryl

  2. rustedrhubarb Says:

    hehehe!! ;o)

    I am trying to add more pockets (function).. so be on the look-out! Hopefully I can get something soon that you can wear while arting!

  3. Nicole Says:

    What a fabulous apron! I could see that as a funky skirt, too.

  4. rustedrhubarb Says:

    I can see that too! thanks!

  5. jane powell Says:

    YOU work wonders with all that “throw away fabric”. Wash and wear vintage.Keep showing me more!

  6. rustedrhubarb Says:

    thanks! I hate to see it all go to waste/land.

    more is in the works. ;o)

  7. lauradodson Says:

    Oh! I love the new place. And that denim pinny and all those others you’ve been making lately. :o)

  8. Miz Carla Says:

    Hey honey
    It looks great over here!!! I added you to my blog.


  9. Your sewing is great,I wish I had that talent, but I’m more into metals, and gems. Great looking piece none the less!

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