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Vintage Floral Apron – Grace July 9, 2007

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Here’s an apron I’ve been enjoying working with.  The main fabric is a vintage home decor fabric that I over dyed.  I also dyed the tie-strings (which started life as a vintage table cloth)with the same color dye.  The green velvet ribbon is one I picked up from either my grandmother’s fabric stash or purchased at the last Houston Quilt Festival!  (I can’t remember which).. the lace like trim is vintage and over dyed as well.. don’t remember where I got it either!

my appologies for the poor photo quality, the camera decided to change settings on me over the weekend (ok, so it’s the work camera).. I’ll get better shots soon, I was just too anxious to share!  ;o)  But the deep yellow like color you see is pretty much what the apron is.


So, I’ve been thinking.. I think I should start naming my Aprons.. bring them to life so to speak.. give them a voice.

 hum….. food for thought.


4 Responses to “Vintage Floral Apron – Grace”

  1. Susie Monday Says:

    YES, NAME THEM! I think I recognize that floral print. Its great to hear from you. Susie

  2. jane powell Says:

    I love that fabric but I never thought to over dye it, of course THAT is what you do… over dye things. I have some of that fabric in a box somewhere but you have turned what you own into art. Naming your aprons, what a fabulous idea, then when you start showing them all over the country and teach classes, showing all of us how to create them, they will be ready for introduction. Love, love, love it.

  3. Susan Stone Says:

    I LOVE your aprons. Your use of fabric, design and texture is luscious. By all means, you should name them. They have distinct personality.

  4. Lisa Gallup Says:

    Name them!! They are all so beautiful and unique!

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