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Thinking Outside (and Inside) the Box. July 23, 2007

Filed under: fabric box,great-grandmother,muse,sewing — rustedrhubarb @ 3:35 pm

Between selling for others on ebay (my day job) and taking the kids to either the beach to learn to surf or to work at the grocery store (my second day job.. taxi mom), I’ve been working on this piece.  It started out wanting to be a house of sorts, but by time I was done (and my muse had voiced her thoughts) I had this box created.  I quite like the finished piece.  Though I must admit, I’m thinking of making a collaged insert (box) for it soon. 

As it is, it’s empty and hollow and still soft.. it can’t hold much more now than wishes and dreams.



14 Responses to “Thinking Outside (and Inside) the Box.”

  1. Love the box, it’s gorgeous! Now would you stop changing your blog template. I always think I’m in the wrong place. xoxo cheryl

  2. rustedrhubarb Says:

    LOL! Cheryl… margaritia’s can counter the effect. ;o)

    thanks! boxes rock! hehehe

  3. cynthia Says:

    I saw a couple of nice fabric boxes at amy’s group artshow on Friday and was inspired to make my own too. this came out wonderful

  4. Aha. so that’s what I’m doing wrong. I need to premedicate prior to viewing. Thanks for the tip.

  5. lmdalton Says:

    I like the box too. It really looks cool with all the detail you added. By the way you never said how you made those picture buttons.

  6. Jessamyn Says:

    Amazing, Michelle!

  7. Lisa Gallup Says:

    I loooove fabric boxes!! I’ve made several – they make FAB gifts and holders for “shtuff”. I have one I made that is a holder for small quilties. I really love yours – it’s beautiful! What size is it?

  8. collagecat Says:

    OMG it’s beautiful!!!! Acckk if I didn’t love you I’d have to hate you for all your sewing/design talent!

    Sent a package your way today 😀

    Have fun on your trip

  9. jane powell Says:

    Michelle, your talents amaze me. This box rocks girl.
    I am tossing my “wish’ in the box and it says “I wish that Michelle would come to Random Arts and teach a class doing this box”

  10. katie Says:

    this is gorgeous michelle! original, and very you…
    i love your work.
    xo katie

  11. Nikki Says:

    Beautiful !!!

  12. laurad Says:

    DUDE, Michelle! This is gorgeous! and your Photography is like. GOOD. professional good. Are taking pics privately? You are certainly good enough to have your own studio. I love all your new creations you’ve been making. Good goin girl. WE’re in Galveston. Lovin the beach. Even tho’ the water is the same shade as this blog background you have here… heh. :o)

  13. MargaretR Says:

    What a great idea for using the quilties. It’s lovely.

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