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Memories of the Beach August 11, 2007

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As I’m finding myself back in the routine of the daily grind after a week away in North Carolina, I’m finding myself more relaxed and with a stronger desire to create. (but a few little things called “work” and “teenagers” are keeping me busy right now)

When I do have free time, I am working on some sewing or I am reading a book or magazine about another artist or I’m at the computer working on editing the photos I took of the family and new friends from vacation or creating my own memories via digital collage.

The newest is below –

“As she grows, her memories of the beach start to fade..

memories of being one with the wind are all that she can remember.

When she closes her eyes, she can barely hear the ocean.”

 And for those curious about apron designs.. I have a few running through my head right now.. hopefully they will be brought to life here soon.


Back Home August 7, 2007

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.. and with a lot of photos to process and enjoy!

all the grandkids


The Creative Drive August 1, 2007

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I brought a box full of fabric, floss, buttons, beads, needles, scissors, etc to keep my creative muse entertained and productive.

She seems to have other things in mind.  I’ve barely picked up the fabric and needle.

Instead I’m taking photos all day long and then editing them on the laptop.

Today was this:

and this:

It seems that storage of binkies at the beach is best done in Dad’s mouth.


Greetings from Vacation

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As my blog says.. I’m a fiber artist who likes to take pictures.

I was so excited to see our vacation rental home has wireless internet, so I thought I’d share a bit of what I’ve been seeing.

 My son and his surf board:

A friend of the family (and yes, that’s a blue diaper she has on.. hehehe):


there will be more if ya’ll don’t mind. ;o)