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The Creative Drive August 1, 2007

Filed under: muse,photos — rustedrhubarb @ 11:42 pm

I brought a box full of fabric, floss, buttons, beads, needles, scissors, etc to keep my creative muse entertained and productive.

She seems to have other things in mind.  I’ve barely picked up the fabric and needle.

Instead I’m taking photos all day long and then editing them on the laptop.

Today was this:

and this:

It seems that storage of binkies at the beach is best done in Dad’s mouth.


One Response to “The Creative Drive”

  1. lauradodson Says:

    those tiny feet with the rings is wonderful, Michelle. what a different take on a portrait. i’d hang this on my wall in an instant.

    your photography is heirloom qualitiy. i love it. back in tx i knew you had ‘it’ when it came to taking pics and since moving your skill had improved exponentially. hope your brimming over with pride. :o)

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