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Wow! Long time no see! September 8, 2007

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Many apologies for my absence.

 I had a family medical emergency that popped up in Texas and ended up taking off to head west to check up on my grandma.  She ended up having a triple by-pass and is now at home healing and doing well.

 Coming back home, I found myself very busy with getting two teenagers ready for a new year of middle school and high school.  Interestingly both were content to take their own carts to the school supply shopping isle and leave me at the coffee counter sipping on my White Chocolote Mocha (soy, no whip please), and they only needed me at the check out to pay for their “goodies”.. and surprisingly, they did very well on their own!

Also, work seemed to do well w/out  me, but I did find myself giving more of my free time to help get caught up on what was ignored while I was gone.

 In my free time that I was able to find, I came up with these which I’m hoping Sydney [my 15 yr old daughter who *needs* money for a car next year (!)] will take over and start making and selling as her own.  Being a typical teenager.. she’s curious and interested.. but not committing to anything just yet.

Burp Cloth Set

They are Burp Cloths made out of 100% cotton diapers and trimmed with the wonderfully funky and modern Amy Butler Fabric.  You can find them in blue and yellow here:  My Etsy Shop and the pink pictured above here: My Ebay Store  So if you know anyone that’s having a baby soon – these are great gifts! ;o)

 I’m giving both Etsy and Ebay a test run with the items to see which works best!  I’m determined to help the girl raise her OWN money for a new (used – old – won’t go over 40mph – hehehe) car.

Hopefully soon, I’ll be back to my regular schedule and will be making aprons again. 


One Response to “Wow! Long time no see!”

  1. bridgette Says:

    Those burp cloths are wonderful!

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