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Blue Crush November 2, 2007

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I just love, love, love this fabric!

Amy Butler … again.


I am currently at work sporting a wrist brace for Carpel Tunnel.. too much typing.

I’m in the works with trying to figure out how to cut back on the 8-5 (with lunch at my desk everyday) job and sew more at home.

the gears are turning.. can you hear them?

on a different note.. I do share with anyone that seems like they want to hear about my apron sewing passion.. so far there are two ladies that always seem to have a “goodie” bag full of old vintage linen that they just “know” is perfect for me.  It is, and sadly, since I am working so much and making “new” aprons instead of the vintagey ones.. the bags sit in the back of my car.  Luckily I had them there the other day.  You see, it was raining pretty fiercly the other day and my daughter and I ran from Target to the Car.. my daughter fell and slid around the backside of the car.. upon entering the car (I had walked and got drenched) I found her bleeding from the elbow, hip, and foot.  I grabbed some old linen and wrapped her 3 wounds up and headed home.  After cleaning her up and learning that they were all minor scrapes and cuts, I cleaned the fabric.. no worries, 1) all the blood came out in the wash and 2) these won’t be added in any sewing projects…ewww.  Will keep them for personal projects.


2 Responses to “Blue Crush”

  1. hoganfe Says:

    Just gorgeous!!!

  2. emily Says:

    What a striking mix of fabric choices. Love it!

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