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Bohemian Dreams November 17, 2007

Filed under: apron,bohemian,robert kaufman,sewing — rustedrhubarb @ 9:43 pm

I decided to take a change of direction in my apron making today.  In the past, I’d grab fabric, rip, and sew.. no direction.. just a goal of making an apron.

This morning I cracked open a pattern.. eeks.. I’ve always known how to read them, but have always chosen to ignore most of the “instructions” due to the fact that I’ve been sewing for so long and know how to take “short cuts”.  So, following instructions this morning (and ignoring the last final finishing instruction to do it “my” way) I give you “Bohemian Dreams”. 

 I shared the apron online this afternoon and it was promptly “sold” to an online friend.. but there will be more like this.  (do ya’ll like?.. want to see more?)

 When I put it on, I was pleasantly surprised to see the ruffles don’t add extra “weight” to my mid-section.. instead it is cute as a button and made me feel all girlie and bohemian!

By the way, no Amy Butler fabric in this one.. instead I discovered and loaded up on Robert Kaufman fabrics.


One Response to “Bohemian Dreams”

  1. As always your aprons are beautiful and how special that it has already found a home. 🙂

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