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Today was Take your Apron to Work Day November 20, 2007

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Ok, so not really.. but I did take it to work today and I did use our store mannequin and took a walk behind the building.. yeah, I looked weird doing it.. but dang it!  I’m an artist.. It’s my right!


did you see the moon in the first pic?  that was at 4:30pm today.

Somedays it’s nice to take a walk around the “regular” place and see what is new or how you can alter it.  I must remember to do this .. daily.. or at least every other day.


2 Responses to “Today was Take your Apron to Work Day”

  1. those are some great pics!

  2. Elaine Kerr Says:

    Takes a gutsy apron to cast a long shadow in the middle of the street. Love that shot!

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