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December 21, 2007

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Coffee Sleeves.. Again December 12, 2007

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The coffee sleeves can be found in my etsy shop here: Rusted Rhubarb

Yesterday I enjoyed a nice break in routine.. I live by the beach, yet I don’t really care for the sand and the ocean’s attack at the edge of solid ground always seems too harsh for me.. I much prefer the calm Intercoastal waters, (the locals call it the Halifax River I think). 

Notice the *stars* in the water.. I didn’t see those until I uploaded the images of the day.

Make a wish..


More Coffee Sleeves

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I can’t make these fast enough.. they are flying off of my sewing machine and then out into the world..helps that Christmas is right around the corner, but hopefully they will keep moving even after the holidays.. I’m crossing fingers… and toes.. ;o)

a few more (and I’ll be adding more as the week goes on) can be found in my etsy shop here: Rusted Rhubarb


I’m seeing blue! December 1, 2007

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baby blue, silver, and brown!

isn’t this apron adorable?  I love the dots!


this is an apron for a custom order and I hope that it is “exactly” what they wanted.. or close! ;o)