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Life It Photos – Day 2 January 14, 2008

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I’m not too sure the original creator (Becky New) of the Life It Photos Group meant for this to be a daily thing, but I’m sure enjoying sharing and taking images of my daily live and thoughts and images.  Hopefully this will continue and won’t be something I soon forget or find reasons to “not” do it.

 Today as I sat at my desk at my “office job” I looked out the window and saw the same scene I see every time I do this.  A half empty parking lot and a stop sign.  Just beyond the stop sign is a row of Tropical trees and a canal full of green moss, beyond that is a red school house.  A pre-school.  In the mornings, I enjoy watching the parents pull up and drop off the kids.  This stop sign stands out and screams “stop” right here!  I tell myself to ignore the stop sign.. to look past and see all the “life” that is beyond it. 

The water you can’t see.. the children you can’t see.. but I can hear them every so often, all this reminds me of the rich and full life that awaits us just past the “stop” sign.



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