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Life It Photos – Day 3 January 15, 2008

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For those that find their way here looking for my aprons, I’m am working on them.  Well, not this minute, but this week!  Hopefully by this weekend I’ll have some Lovely Fabric Eye candy for you all!Today at work (I sell on ebay at a store), I was taking pictures of an old vintage ice chest.  As I was moving the chest here and there to get the “best” ebay image, I found myself taking a walk down memory lane.

I have fond memories of camping, water skiing, swimming and hanging out at the lake on the weekends with my parents and their friends.  I love nature and all things water! 

This chest brought back many memories of my childhood at the lake each summer.  I could be found sitting on an ice chest while eating a hamburger, or standing on it to be as tall as everyone around me, or reaching inside past all the ice and cold water to get that ONE coke-a-cola that I  *just* knew was hidden under my parent’s beer!

I also remember the signal to the end of the camping trip… when the ice chest was opened at the spout at the bottom and all the melted ice would drain down and away from us.  This signaled it was time to pack up and head home.


One Response to “Life It Photos – Day 3”

  1. Ron Says:

    That’s cool. Love the work.

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