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Enough of the photographs.. we want aprons! January 23, 2008

Filed under: apron — rustedrhubarb @ 10:47 pm

I haven’t been totally ignorning my sewing machine.. I do play in fabric every day.. in one way or another.

The latest are these two:


(two pockets angled for easy access.)


one side pocket in black

(note to self.. iron aprons before taking pictures)

 The top one is made from new polka dot fabric, the second one is made from re-claimed fabric and a re-cycled skirt from Old Navy.


4 Responses to “Enough of the photographs.. we want aprons!”

  1. both are cute (as usual), like the angled pockets.

  2. Tricia Says:

    love the polka dot!

  3. Are these aprons, or more specifically, the polkadot one for sale?

  4. audrey h. Says:

    Michelle…these aprons are gorgeous. I love the top polka-dotted one.

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