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About Michelle June 21, 2007

Michelle is a 40-something artist and mother of two teenagers. All her life she felt the need to be creative.  Her first memories of creating were when she’d fold and unfold paper until it was soft enough to pull apart.  Much to her mother’s dismay, she’d leave these little tiny squares of paper all over the house, in the couch, behind the chair, under the bed.  Everywhere.  But her little fingers felt the  unending desire to rip and alter paper all the time!

She grew up watching not one, but both grandmothers sewing.  One sewed for functional reasons.. she made everything from under garmets to curtains for the home.  The other one sewed for fashion reasons.  If she didn’t like what she saw at the local stores, she’d get a couple of patterns and create her own dress or outfit that the “big” occassion needed.  Michelle has many memories of watching the vintage Singer sewing machines whip through the fabric and magically leave a straight line of thread in it’s wake.

Neither Michelle or her mother owned a sewing machine, but it wasn’t long before she discovered counted cross stitch!  She was hooked!  Pretty much all of her teen years were spent searching out new and interesting cross stitch patterns.  Her family benefited from many hand stitched gifts during the holidays!  And her fingers stayed busy!!

Eventually Michelle got her own sewing machine and took off making things for the home and then for the babies and their nurseries.  During this time, she was hired by friends to make certain home items for them.  If she wasn’t hired by them, she was teaching them how to sew. 

One such friend loved the sewing and making her own curtains so much that she started her own company: The Drapery Company

Eventually raising two small children took center stage and the sewing machine was forced to live in the depths of the storage closet.  Michelle had to find other ways to be creative.  Cooking was never a thought.  Scrapbooking started to take over.  It was a perfect fit for this young mother and her need to create. 

Soon she tired of scrapbooking (there are two unfinished books to prove it), and turned to other venues: stamping, collage, water colors, painting, candle making, soap making, fused glass, stained glass, altered books, and various mixed media venues.  She never thought much about her sewing talent, she always felt it was just something one knows so that one can re-decorate a room w/out the added expense of an “expert”.

Eventually Michelle had an “ah ha” moment and said to herself, “you can sew and do it well, teach your self how to do something creative and artistic with it.  From there she started learning about dyeing and painting her own fabric and creating her own altered fabric creations.

Her blog is a study of sorts about this growth.  She also would love to be able to quit her day job and sew and create all day for profit and bring her teenage (now sewing and creating her own altered pieces) daughter in on the fun as well!


Soon, aprons will be for sale on etsy,  in the mean time feel free to email me at: Mczulada at cfl dot rr dot com. (just replaced the “at” with “@” and “dot” with “.”)


One Response to “About Michelle”

  1. Lisa Gallup Says:

    I love your “About Michelle” page! It was fun to read! :):)

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