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Etsy Shop February 1, 2008

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My apologies for such a short entry, but wanted to let you know that I put some aprons up in my etsy shop today.  You can find them (click) here if interested.

 This weekend I celebrate my 39th (and then some) trip around the sun!   To celebrate with the other Ground Hogs, I’m taking my kids into Orlando to see Sweeny Todd and to have lunch at Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville.


Enough of the photographs.. we want aprons! January 23, 2008

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I haven’t been totally ignorning my sewing machine.. I do play in fabric every day.. in one way or another.

The latest are these two:


(two pockets angled for easy access.)


one side pocket in black

(note to self.. iron aprons before taking pictures)

 The top one is made from new polka dot fabric, the second one is made from re-claimed fabric and a re-cycled skirt from Old Navy.


I’m seeing blue! December 1, 2007

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baby blue, silver, and brown!

isn’t this apron adorable?  I love the dots!


this is an apron for a custom order and I hope that it is “exactly” what they wanted.. or close! ;o)



Today was Take your Apron to Work Day November 20, 2007

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Ok, so not really.. but I did take it to work today and I did use our store mannequin and took a walk behind the building.. yeah, I looked weird doing it.. but dang it!  I’m an artist.. It’s my right!


did you see the moon in the first pic?  that was at 4:30pm today.

Somedays it’s nice to take a walk around the “regular” place and see what is new or how you can alter it.  I must remember to do this .. daily.. or at least every other day.


Bohemian Dreams November 17, 2007

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I decided to take a change of direction in my apron making today.  In the past, I’d grab fabric, rip, and sew.. no direction.. just a goal of making an apron.

This morning I cracked open a pattern.. eeks.. I’ve always known how to read them, but have always chosen to ignore most of the “instructions” due to the fact that I’ve been sewing for so long and know how to take “short cuts”.  So, following instructions this morning (and ignoring the last final finishing instruction to do it “my” way) I give you “Bohemian Dreams”. 

 I shared the apron online this afternoon and it was promptly “sold” to an online friend.. but there will be more like this.  (do ya’ll like?.. want to see more?)

 When I put it on, I was pleasantly surprised to see the ruffles don’t add extra “weight” to my mid-section.. instead it is cute as a button and made me feel all girlie and bohemian!

By the way, no Amy Butler fabric in this one.. instead I discovered and loaded up on Robert Kaufman fabrics.


Blue Crush November 2, 2007

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I just love, love, love this fabric!

Amy Butler … again.


I am currently at work sporting a wrist brace for Carpel Tunnel.. too much typing.

I’m in the works with trying to figure out how to cut back on the 8-5 (with lunch at my desk everyday) job and sew more at home.

the gears are turning.. can you hear them?

on a different note.. I do share with anyone that seems like they want to hear about my apron sewing passion.. so far there are two ladies that always seem to have a “goodie” bag full of old vintage linen that they just “know” is perfect for me.  It is, and sadly, since I am working so much and making “new” aprons instead of the vintagey ones.. the bags sit in the back of my car.  Luckily I had them there the other day.  You see, it was raining pretty fiercly the other day and my daughter and I ran from Target to the Car.. my daughter fell and slid around the backside of the car.. upon entering the car (I had walked and got drenched) I found her bleeding from the elbow, hip, and foot.  I grabbed some old linen and wrapped her 3 wounds up and headed home.  After cleaning her up and learning that they were all minor scrapes and cuts, I cleaned the fabric.. no worries, 1) all the blood came out in the wash and 2) these won’t be added in any sewing projects…ewww.  Will keep them for personal projects.


More aprons… few words October 30, 2007

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With extra Amy Butler fabric, I created these two aprons this past weekend. 

This apron is made with two fabrics, the contrasting fabric is actually two pockets. 


more Amy Butler fabric is on it’s way to my house.. stay tuned!