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Life It Photos – Day 2 January 14, 2008

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I’m not too sure the original creator (Becky New) of the Life It Photos Group meant for this to be a daily thing, but I’m sure enjoying sharing and taking images of my daily live and thoughts and images.  Hopefully this will continue and won’t be something I soon forget or find reasons to “not” do it.

 Today as I sat at my desk at my “office job” I looked out the window and saw the same scene I see every time I do this.  A half empty parking lot and a stop sign.  Just beyond the stop sign is a row of Tropical trees and a canal full of green moss, beyond that is a red school house.  A pre-school.  In the mornings, I enjoy watching the parents pull up and drop off the kids.  This stop sign stands out and screams “stop” right here!  I tell myself to ignore the stop sign.. to look past and see all the “life” that is beyond it. 

The water you can’t see.. the children you can’t see.. but I can hear them every so often, all this reminds me of the rich and full life that awaits us just past the “stop” sign.



“Life It Photos”

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2008 is going to be a really good year for me this year. I have a feeling that so much is going to go “my” way this year. It helps that I’m determined to make this happen. What really helps me to see this is that the feeling/thought/desire/wish/goal is there. It’s up to me to remember to follow my bliss and not get sidelined along the way.

Sure, I’ll have my “down” days, but hopefully they will subside pretty quickly and leave room for growth and advancement w/in myself and with my art.

I am always amazed and thrilled with myself when I listen to my “muse” and create and see what she’s left for me to play with. Though I must admit, I can easily push this urge aside while “life” takes center stage. I can oh so easily put my kids needs/desires/wishes before my own, but at 14 and *almost* 16, they will have a bigger lesson if they see Mom following her bliss and doing what she loves. I must remember to put my own oxygen mask on before I can save the children*.

So, all of this self disclosing leads me to share with you all a fact about myself: because I waffle back and forth between being creative with the camera and being creative with fabric, I’ve joined a group started by Becky New to post daily “Life It Photos” here in my blog, the goal is to share a bit of our life, what moves us, what is happening in our life this moment – this day.

My goal is to share with you all moments or visions that moved me during the day. It can be anything. Keeping track of my visual moments will be a fun experiment and I’m pleased to share with you all. Today starts this journey:

My daughter relaxing on the bed next to me as I was doing a bit of hand sewing, I love these moments with her, it’s in these little “stolen” moments that I hear about her day, hear about her friends, hear about school, whatever she chooses to share with me, it’s in these quiet moments that I cherish so much.

* This is a wonderful analogy told to me once when the importance of saving oneself in order to save another is the desired outcome.