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Life It Photos – Day 3 January 15, 2008

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For those that find their way here looking for my aprons, I’m am working on them.  Well, not this minute, but this week!  Hopefully by this weekend I’ll have some Lovely Fabric Eye candy for you all!Today at work (I sell on ebay at a store), I was taking pictures of an old vintage ice chest.  As I was moving the chest here and there to get the “best” ebay image, I found myself taking a walk down memory lane.

I have fond memories of camping, water skiing, swimming and hanging out at the lake on the weekends with my parents and their friends.  I love nature and all things water! 

This chest brought back many memories of my childhood at the lake each summer.  I could be found sitting on an ice chest while eating a hamburger, or standing on it to be as tall as everyone around me, or reaching inside past all the ice and cold water to get that ONE coke-a-cola that I  *just* knew was hidden under my parent’s beer!

I also remember the signal to the end of the camping trip… when the ice chest was opened at the spout at the bottom and all the melted ice would drain down and away from us.  This signaled it was time to pack up and head home.


My New Logo! November 21, 2007

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The lovely Hope Wallace of Hope Wallace Design came up with this for me!  I love it!  She has loads of patience and a great eye! ;o)  Thanks Hope!

 I decided that I needed a logo and something that will help me to be more “professional” and this is a great way to start off  2008 (even though I’m a month and a half early).

 I’ve officially gone part time at work and will be making aprons and baby gifts and pillows and maybe even a purse or two.. as well as the possiblity of photo frames (not fabric, wood.. more on that later.. be watching).

So, there you have it.  I have a logo!  I feel all grown up now.


How I spend my Sundays October 1, 2007

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I spend my free time sitting at the sewing machine, or standing at the ironing board, or sitting at the dining room table (turned sewing table) with the tv on listening to any of the Law and Orders that can be found on USA.

 Of course life interrupts my zen like sewing and creating in the form of teenagers and every so often I’ll stop and drive someone to work, give money to someone who needs it for the corner store, remind someone who is headed to the pool to take a towel, remind someone that the grass only grows by it’s self, it doesn’t get cut on it’s own, remind someone the dishes need emptying out of the dishwasher… you get the picture. 

Sunday I was lucky enough to bring these to life amoung the distractions:

Earthy Blue Apron – made with two recycled dresses, overdyed commercial fabric, new buttons, and a vintage crochet piece from a found table runner.


Baby Gift set which includes: blanket, long sleeve onesie, and large burp cloth (or changing pad).  Made with Amy Butler fabric (all new materials), the blanket is lined with oh so soft chenille like fabric which is a PIA to sew on.  If I make more of these, I need to learn how it moves, for it likes to swim under my sewing needle and create a life of it’s own.  You can see the white chenille in the last photo under the turned up edge of the blanket.  I think I’m not showing it because at this moment, I don’t like it very much (the fabric that is)

Well, I was thinking of offering these up on etsy, but now I’m thinking I should just keep sewing and creating and aim for the local one day Arts and Crafts Fair that this town I live in offers in December.  If I don’t get in, I’ll be over at etsy w/in no time.. if I do get in and sell nothing, I’ll be at etsy.. if I get in and sell everything, I’ll be so excited and motivated and inspired to make more, so eventually I’ll be at etsy anyways.. It’s just a “wait and see” thing now.

I would love to have a booth.. it’d be my first of any kind.. but that “fear” is there.  I wrote the name down yesterday of the contact I need.  Now I just have to pick up the phone and call… ok, I’ll do it.  ;o)


Wow! Long time no see! September 8, 2007

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Many apologies for my absence.

 I had a family medical emergency that popped up in Texas and ended up taking off to head west to check up on my grandma.  She ended up having a triple by-pass and is now at home healing and doing well.

 Coming back home, I found myself very busy with getting two teenagers ready for a new year of middle school and high school.  Interestingly both were content to take their own carts to the school supply shopping isle and leave me at the coffee counter sipping on my White Chocolote Mocha (soy, no whip please), and they only needed me at the check out to pay for their “goodies”.. and surprisingly, they did very well on their own!

Also, work seemed to do well w/out  me, but I did find myself giving more of my free time to help get caught up on what was ignored while I was gone.

 In my free time that I was able to find, I came up with these which I’m hoping Sydney [my 15 yr old daughter who *needs* money for a car next year (!)] will take over and start making and selling as her own.  Being a typical teenager.. she’s curious and interested.. but not committing to anything just yet.

Burp Cloth Set

They are Burp Cloths made out of 100% cotton diapers and trimmed with the wonderfully funky and modern Amy Butler Fabric.  You can find them in blue and yellow here:  My Etsy Shop and the pink pictured above here: My Ebay Store  So if you know anyone that’s having a baby soon – these are great gifts! ;o)

 I’m giving both Etsy and Ebay a test run with the items to see which works best!  I’m determined to help the girl raise her OWN money for a new (used – old – won’t go over 40mph – hehehe) car.

Hopefully soon, I’ll be back to my regular schedule and will be making aprons again. 


Making time for Art June 21, 2007

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Today was the last day of one of my part time jobs.  I have (had) 2.  Now I have one so that I can make time to work on my fiber art more.  I’m determined to either create art each day or work in my visual journal each day.  I arrived home from a weekend in NC, and have “yet” had time to properly unpack..yet, I have time to make a blog entry.  Priorities, ya know!

 the image today is from a doll I’ve listed on ebay for a customer.  I decided that since I was taking great pictures for others, I might as well, keep a copy for myself. ;o)


First Post

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The traditional “first Post”.  ha.